Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trumpet Mates of Portugal doing Tico Tico

This video is a wild ride. Shot from the Zaa-WEE! room at ITG 2012 in Colombus, Georgia the Trumpet Mates put on a hell of a show. I call it the Zaa-WEE! room because that's where all the vendors are. You can hear people testing horns before the tune starts. Anyway, these guys were awesome. It's a group made up of mostly students and they weren't just great players and showmen, they were exciting to be around throughout the conference. Everywhere they went, they chatted people up, talked about how excited they were to see one show or another, and even broke out into song while on busses or during especially long waits for shows. During the Terrance Blanchard concert the broke into dance and took over the aisles during latin numbers. I know that seems obnoxious and there was a lot of hemming and hawing and tutting but I appreciated it. They enjoyed that convention more than anyone, and they took their opportunity to play at ITG seriously and put on a fun show. Their group, and a host of other groups from unknown schools and trumpet studios were why I wanted to sit and write about trends in modern trumpet ensembles in the first place.

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