Sunday, April 20, 2014

Plog Suite for Six, and the differences in blend between pros and students - Clarino Collective - Suite for Six Trumpets - Anthony Plog

I like to grab professional recordings of these pieces where I can, but I was originally led to the Plog Suite by a recording by Oklahoma State at ITG (re: previous post). I dug up this more professional recordings by the Clarino Collective that highlights some interesting differences I've started to spot between professional trumpet ensembles and student ensembles.

The "blend" concept with students seems to be focused more on the collective. Each student works intensively to fit the core sound of the ensemble, rather than being an individual contributing their personal voice to the whole. In the professional recording above, each member is comfortable both distinguishing their sound and meshing with the texture as needed. This effect is especially noteworthy in the complex and rhythmic Plog Suite where each player can be a soloist, an ensemble member, or the accompaniment at any given time.

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